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Introducing to you the best educational myPastquestions website to get verified and standard updated educational materials like past questions, project work and lots more. In Nigeria When it comes to  Educational Website that publishes trending and up to date educational materials is said and know for that.

Mypastquestion is a great blog where you can find all past questions of any sort, ranging from Jamb Pastquestions , waec past questions, post utme past questions, jamb cbt software, scholarship past questions Mypastquestion has all the past questions in computer based test software that you can use on your phone or computer, you can also download your jamb cbt software with full activation code.


“It’s very clear and obvious that no material is more relevant and powerful than past questions”

Past questions are very important for any student that want to achieve success in his or her academics because it does the following;

  • Pastquestions increase your intelligence and capacity of reasoning.
  • Pastquestions enable you to face your examination with interest, zeal, and confidence.
  • Pastquestions Help you gain confidence before the examination, this is because it gives you a clue to the exam questions and aslo helps you to know the nature of the examination
  • Make you better equipped to overcome the post UTME obstacles and challenges

Ways To Access All Past Question in MyPastQuestion

Having know the benefit of past questions continue reading to learn how to access
As earlier stated, one of the most powerful source of material to read during the course of preparing for an examination is an updated past questions. There is always a 90% possibility that a student who studies more than fifteen (15) past questions as regards his/her subject of study is likely to pass with ease. This is because questions that are usually asked can never digress from it impeccable source of originality, which is the text book.
One should understand that these questions were gotten from the textbooks that were allotted to the students, and by reading up good related past questions, you are technically reading your text book also. It is as simple as that!
The need of past questions for students cannot be over emphasized here, we all know that past questions give students directions on what to expect in any exam and so charges them to read and study towards the right direction to achieve exam success.
If you really need a professional and trusted past question and answers both for schools, interviews, job and lots then that means would be your best shot. Lot of testimonies and recommendations by a lots of people are heard everywhere due to their hard work and uniqueness in what they do.

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